Delivering Value Together

Sales and Distribution work has become more demanding and challenging. The abundance of offers, products and services from which potential clients can buy from, has made it more challengingfor‘Go-to-market’ efficiency. Competition and globalization act as another hurdle to effectively create results and winning over clients.

Hence, we have created our very own Sales & Distribution Acceleration Programs.

You can benefit from our sales & distribution experience, a know-how built over decades in the FMCG industry. Learning on the go will be disastrous to company bottom lines, especially in today’s markets.

You can use our expertise to get you on the fast track to creating value.



People engaged in our industry are great in creating things but often not so great in selling the same.

You might be an engineer who knows his product inside-out, can explain every little technical aspect of it, but you lack in sales training and ideas of how to put up a proper sales pipeline and market approach.Inevitably, you will end up with endless periods of trial and error in your sales activities. This is the hard way of learning. So why not involve a mentor who makes selling easier for you and transfers the critical skills and knowledge to you. Every great performer in sports, arts or business has their mentor or coach. You should also take advantage of the wisdom and knowledge of others, who have been already down that path and can share their insight on how to overcome obstacles.

Involve us and become better in your sales and distribution activities, be more efficient, effective and have lots of fun doing your job. And of course, Create Value!



We created our Sales & Distribution Acceleration Programs in three different levels. Each level is designed to help you in your sales or distribution effort, but with various degrees of our active involvement.

The basic Mentor program allows you to access our wisdom and support. The Guidance Program is a more structured approach and gives us a more active involvement in your sales or distribution efforts.

The Connector Program is the most valuable of the programs and we get deeply involved in your sales and distribution work,by taking the lead in a certain market to personally connect you with the target clients, and negotiate deals on your behalf.

Wherever you are currently in your development, our different program levels are designed to propel you and your organization to the next level of success.

The programs will also enable you to focus on particular market segments, where you might be lacking in terms of appropriate resources in your existing team.