Providing definitive solutions to Mission Critical issues:

  • Are you operating in optimal market segments or are you evaluating New Market expansions?
  • Are you deploying appropriate technology that the market demands?
  • Has your growth curve stagnatedand avenues for further growth seem impossible?
  • How best to improve Distribution?
  • Do you have doubts on certain products in the portfolio or apt technology to deploy?
  • Does your marketing strategy include new product launches?
  • Are there more such issues that make you concerned?

The Telco and Technology Industry facea multitude of challenges today. Buzzwords like Disruption, Innovation, Digitization, Globalization etc.,trigger excitement in some and fear in others.

We guide you through this dynamic &treacherous environment and develop, along with you, the appropriate business vision & strategy. We combine classical methods like Benchmarking, Gap Analysis/ SWOT with new approaches to strategy like Design Thinking and Business Canvas Model. Our approach takes into account practicality of the concept and is built on our know-how and experience.

 Our approach to work

Today’s ever changing Telco & technology industry requires a very flexible approach to develop strategies and operational action plans. We know from decades of experience that businesses must be able to act quickly and answer market demands without losing many years on strategy finding sessions.

Our method is based on the belief that an iterative approach to strategy is the best way to address such an environment. We want to be able to easily go back to the beginning, if required, while at the same time evaluating all options.

Our focus is always on the human aspect: Your customers and Your people.

We approach consulting projects with our 3-step, 3A’s method:

  1. Assess

  2. Acknowledge

  3. Act